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KH Rewritten Journals 4
    Ventus lay paralyzed in blackness when he achieved consciousness. He could feel a tingling sensation in his chest when he finally regained the control to open his eyelids. The sunlight from the windows on the other side of the room was almost blinding. When his eyes focused, he could also see a dimmer green light. It was emanating from the hands of a girl that sat over him. She was older than he was and she had blue hair and a matching pair of eyes. He could see a solemn look on her face, like the light was lost from her life. Still, her beauty and the white gown she wore, made her look like an angel.
He groaned and asked, "Am I dead? Did I go to the Isles of the Blessed?"
At an instant, her hands stopped glowing and she gasped while backing away. She ran out of the room in a panic, shouting, "Oh.. oh my! Master Eraqus! He's awake! He spoke to me! He's awake!"
    When she was gone, he regained control of his eyes and looked around the room. H
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KH: Rewritten Journals 3
-The Land of Departure-
    Once the ship made port, Jenna and I disembarked to make our way to this world's academy. It wasn't easy to miss it since it was the only building we could see in the mountains beyond the airport. I took note that the place wasn't very lively. For the most part, it was very dull. The sky was overcast with gray clouds that blocked out what little light there was here. Otherwise, the most brightly lit things here were these white crystals that were hung by the archways and doors all over the place.
    The airport, which was made to be like an open air plaza with marble walls and Corinthian columns, was empty, except for a blue pig-like humanoid, known as a seeq. He was snoring behind the ticket counter with a single crystal over his head that lit his booth. His droopy ears flapped on the sides of his head as he let out a loud snort through his flattened, upturned snout. 
    I hesitantly
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KH: Rewritten Journals 2
Kingdom Hearts
The Rewritten Journals

Book 1
Birth by Sleep

    The sun was shining over us as we rode a small aircraft through the clouds that whisked by us. When I say "we" or "us", I mean myself, the pilot that was payed for by the university, and my student, Jenna, who I brought along to assist in my research. We were on our way to the airport in the city of Rabanastre, which has been known to be a hub for all travelers exploring Ivalice or the rest of the known worlds.  The airship was a little "cramped" to say the least. In fact, I could hardly call it a ship! The glass dome the pilot calls a cockpit window made the closeness of the passenger seats very uncomfortable. The leg room wasn't too good either. My assistant kept her legs curled underneath her since her knees were pushing on her chest.
    Jenna was a female viera, a humanoid with many features that one may associate
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Kingdom Hearts: The Rewritten Journals 1
     I am Arazlam Durai, a scholar of world history. My research does not just concern the history of my world, Ivalice, but of all worlds as well. Have you ever heard of the "Keyblade War"? Many years ago, everyone lived in a golden age known as the "Age of Fairy Tales". It was called this, because much of this time's recorded history was lost and almost all that was known from it were tales of castles, enchantments, princesses, and heroes. The only surviving documents are scattered across many worlds and hidden in the farthest corners where the light touches. It wasn't easy, but I did some searching and found one such record in the libraries of Gariland.
    It was a dusty old tome that was left in a vault, far below the library's main hall. It was bound in brown leather with a mother of pearl heart inserted in the front cover. When I found it, its pages were torn and some of the ink was blurred from a liquid spill, causing it to be more difficult t
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A Cold Night in the Mists
It's a cold autumn night. The forest is deathly quiet as you sit by the campfire, trying to stay warm as a chilling breeze blows through yhe trees. You have been on a long journey to the great coastal city of Neverwinter and, according to your navigation skills, you should be able to reach it by midday tomorrow.
It was then the wind stopped blowing. The air seemed to drop in temperature even more as a fog seemed to roll in. The strange thing was that there was something odd about this fog. You swear you could see it taking many shapes and forms of men and beasts that are hungrily reaching out to you as the mists come closer to you. Eventually, you could see them clearly as the cloudy apparitions charge at you. Closer and closer, faster and faster, they advanced on you and your camp. You try to run away, but they completely surround you! The face of a great serpent looms over you and strikes as the last light of the campfire is snuffed out.
You open your eyes to see the horrible phantom
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Orudo Region Pokeballs for Pokemon Tabletop Unite
Attention, trainers.
The Devon Corporation would like to present our newest line of pokeballs that have been approved by our new president and former Hoenn champion, Steven Stone. These devices have been designed to capture pokemon that make their homes in hot, dry, or rugged terrain for your convenience.
First off is the Forge Balls.
Forge balls are coated with a metallic alloy that is heat resistant and is extremely durable against pokemon as tough as iron or as hot as a volcano. We recommend you use these on fire and steel types.
Forge BallModifier: +0Special: -20 modifier if the target pokemon is a fire or steel type.
Our next pokeball is the Sediment Ball. Our engineers have designed this ball to perform well in arid conditions, such as the desert, and the capture speed is fast enough to snag a Diglett while it retreats underground! This product is for those brave enough to explore the great deserts of the world and any ground-type hunters out there! Be careful, do not to get it w
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KH RPG Playtest (WIP)
That was the first thing I remembered. Falling into a black void. It was... weird. "How did I get here?", I thought. "Where did I fall from? Where am I falling to? Why am I here?" My memory was a blank. Whatever was going on, it felt like I was waking up from a deep sleep. Or was it the feeling of a lucid dream?
It wasn't long before I could see it below me, a pillar, rising from the darkness below me. It was cylindrical and decorated with windows of stained glass, like that of a cathedral. The design of it was very strange. It looked like three circles fused together to form a familiar shape. A head of someone I knew. Wait, it was the crest of the king! I could remember it at that moment. Unfortunately, that was all my memory could give me at the moment as the rest of my focus was on the pillar was coming to meet me quickly. I closed my eyes, awaiting the coming impact, but then I felt myself slowing down.
My body flipped upright as my feet landed softly onto the s
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Lore for Kara-Tur: Kabuki and Noh Plays
Noh or as it is nicknamed, "the art of walking", is one of the oldest forms of theater drama in Kozakura and Wa. The stories of its plays are often told through music, chanting, and the movements of the actors. The music is played with four chosen instruments as chanters help narrate the plot. The actors who play the protagonist or other major characters wear special masks that show the nature of the character they are portraying. They can range from the comedic and goofy or polite and reserved and go as far as being vengeful or monstrous. This style of theater is reserved only for the upper class from the Bushi and above. No commoner is allowed to watch this.
Examples of Noh Plays
Hunger of the Mountain Hag
Synopsis: Two yamabushi (mountain priests) are on a pilgrimage when they discover the cottage of a poor old woman. She is complaining of her lonliness and the two priests decide they shall stay for the night to keep her company. As she leaves t
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Street Prat pg.1 by Wyvern-Master Street Prat pg.1 :iconwyvern-master:Wyvern-Master 1 1 Street Prat by Wyvern-Master Street Prat :iconwyvern-master:Wyvern-Master 2 2
Extra OA Monsters (WIP)
The following is some extra monsters from the Monster Manuals that can be brought into any Oriental Adventures campaign to populate the wilderness with more beasts for the adventurers to fight.

Seen as symbols of victory by the Bushi Class of Wa and the samurai of Kozakura, the Abeil society is treated with respect and honor within the islands. There is some belief that Bushido, the code of the samurai and bushi, may have been inspired by the fearless loyalty of the Abeil soldiers as they defend their hive and queen to the death. In fact, the soldiers actually seem comparable to samurai in the eyes of both Kozakura and Wa as they would go as far as commit ritual suicide by orders of their queen, if she is disappointed in their service under her.
Animated Object (Tsukumogami): Once an object has reached its 100th birthday, it will gain sentience with a will and mind of its own. These objects are usually very happy being kept as heirlooms
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D and D Planescape Crossovers (WIP)
The Planescape multiverse has been mapped out many times and has shown vast worlds with a variety of different natures to explore and interact with. But what else lies beyond the known planes? What other universes are there to see? The only way to find out is to go through any portal in Sigil and see for yourself.
Columbia (Bioshock Infinite)
Requirements: d20 Modern Core Rules
A city floats in the sky under the watchful eyes of a massive bronze statue in the appearance of an angel, providing an isolated home that can either be seen as paradise or torment by those who live there. Seen as a vision by the country below and of a prophet, named "Zachary Hale Comstock", Columbia floated around the world as a showcase of of the values they hold. Unfortunately, after being involved in a battle that destroyed an entire city, it disappeared into the clouds, closing its doors to everyone from below. This has made the people of Columbia xenophobic and look down on foreigners to e
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MLPFiM Blackadder Crossover Mane Six Characters
Name: Edmund Blackadder VII
Nicknames: Ed, Eddy, Blacky, Adder, Wicked Child (by the Whiteadders), Slackbladder (by Lord Flashheart) , Mr. Floppy (by the mares)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Martial Status: Single (He's much too in love with himself.)
Pony Type: Unicorn
Mane and Tail Color: Black
Coat: Pitch black and slick.
Eye Color: Green 
Mark: A dagger (or a letter opener?) with a snake coiling itself around the blade.
Special Talent: Able to manipulate his way out of a crisis.
Personality: At times, witty, charming, and intelligent, but is really a self-serving and cynical opportunist.
Bio: Given the title of "Lord" by birth, Edmund was given the job to do most of the bureaucratic work that many Adders before him were left to do, because of the Princess being "busy" with making the sun rise and set or lamenting the fact that she had to imprison her sister in the moon. He resents her for th
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Sakurashima by Wyvern-Master Sakurashima :iconwyvern-master:Wyvern-Master 5 23
Kozu Character Sheet for Oriental Adventures 3.5 E
Name: Kozu (not his real name)
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Monk
Level: 1
Size: Medium
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Str: 14
Dex: 15
Con: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 16
Cha: 11
Kozakuran, Elven, Waan, Korobokuru
HP: 9
AC: 16
Initiative: +2
Base Attack Bonus: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Fort: +3
Ref: +4
Will: +5
Melee: +2
Ranged: +2
Shakuhachi (when used as a club) - Damage: 1d6+2 - Critical Hit: x2
Unarmed Strike - (Same as above.)
Skills (Only those above +1 are listed.)
Balance +3
Climb +3
Concentration +3
Craft (Origami) +3
Diplomacy +4
Escape Artist +3
Gather Information +2
Heal +3
Hide +3
Innuendo +3
Intuit Direction +3
Jump +2
Knowledge (Religion) +4
Listen +4
Move Silently +4
Open Lock +2
Perform +5
Pick Pocket +2
Search +2
Sense Motive +4
Spot +4
Swim +2
Tumble +4
Use Rope +
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Possible Allies or Enemies for Oriental Adventures
The following characters are options that can be used by the Dungeon Master as possible NPCs for the PCs to face or join forces. This is intended to be used in 3.5 Edition, but it will be up to the Dungeon Master how to adjust these to be used in other editions. 
High in the mountains, no traveler ever wishes to hear the dreaded howl of the Yeti as it stalks the snowy crags for prey in the night. However, there are a few that are not so quick to attack and feed on unlucky adventurers, in fact they may help those who have lost their way from the path. One of these rare yetis is Gruu, who wanders the mountain trails of Shou Lung. He is very lazy and passive compared to the rest of his race and he can be seen eating his meals off the side of the road. When confronted with strangers, he tries to ignore them and keep to his own business, but he snaps and gets irritable when they get too close or attempt to steal his food. However, he does sometimes provide care an
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8 deviations

    Ventus lay paralyzed in blackness when he achieved consciousness. He could feel a tingling sensation in his chest when he finally regained the control to open his eyelids. The sunlight from the windows on the other side of the room was almost blinding. When his eyes focused, he could also see a dimmer green light. It was emanating from the hands of a girl that sat over him. She was older than he was and she had blue hair and a matching pair of eyes. He could see a solemn look on her face, like the light was lost from her life. Still, her beauty and the white gown she wore, made her look like an angel.

He groaned and asked, "Am I dead? Did I go to the Isles of the Blessed?"

At an instant, her hands stopped glowing and she gasped while backing away. She ran out of the room in a panic, shouting, "Oh.. oh my! Master Eraqus! He's awake! He spoke to me! He's awake!"

    When she was gone, he regained control of his eyes and looked around the room. He was on a bed with white sheets that had black stains on them. He could see there were other beds around him that were occupied with other people that lay with bandages. "Is this a medical ward? So, am I actually alive?" he wondered. "Why am I....?" He looked down to see the bloodstained bandages on his chest. More questions were running through his mind. "Why can't I move my body? What happened?" He looked up at the stone Gothic designs on the ceiling, trying to process the last event he could think of. "I remember... nothing, except dying. But how did I...?"

    The door slammed open and he saw an old man march inside. He had dark skin, a bald head, a white goatee, and piercing yellow eyes. He wore a black unbuttoned jacket with gray extensions that reached his ankles. Underneath was an untucked white shirt. His arms had large white gloves that reached the elbows with black leather straps on the wrists that caused them to be splayed out. On his legs, he wore black cloth pants and black leather boots.

He came to the boy and looked down at him, his yellow gaze piercing into Ventus' very soul. Kneeling next to the bed, he grinned and laughed in a fit of joy. "Thank the gods, you're awake! Ventus, speak to me!"

"Who are you?" he asked.

The old man's smile quickly switched to a frown. "You don't remember, your dear old teacher? Eraqus was right, you are not the same boy that became my pupil."

"You're my teacher?"

A younger, sterner voice shouted, "Xehanort, back away from him!"

    Another man walked into the room. He wore a white haori that had the addition of what looked like a hood draped over his back. A black do breastplate with kasazuri covered his torso underneath. A pair of hakama trousers flowed through the air as he walked forward with his tsurumaki tapping against the stone floor. His black hair was tied up into a messy fashion and the untidy facial hair made him look like a ronin. Ventus was surprised he could at least remember what a ronin was.

"We don't know if he's safe to be around yet!" he whispered. 

Xehanort stepped away from the bed and said, "I am sorry, Eraqus. I was just happy to see my pupil is recovering well."

"You should be more glad, if it turns out that the light half of his heart and soul is what's recovering. I'm gathering the students in the castle garden for his test."

The old man nodded and walked off without a word. Ventus was alone with Eraqus as he asked, "What kind of test? I don't even know what's going on! I haven't even studied!"

    Eraqus just glared at him and said, "I don't have time for any jokes! I will have two of my students to watch over you while you regain control of your body." He snapped his fingers as two other people entered the room. One of them was the girl from before, but this time she wore a red hakama and a pure white gi. The other was a boy with brown spiky hair that was combed back. He was much taller and more muscular than the girl and wore the same uniform. The both of them carried curved wooden swords, called bokken.

The master walked past them toward the door, saying, "Terra, Aqua, I want you both to keep an eye on our guest while I move the rest of the students away from him. You know what to do, if he shows malicious intent."

The brown haired boy stared at Ventus while Eraqus helped the other patients out of their beds. He raised an eyebrow and looked back at him. "Father, he's just a child. A preteen. What kind of trouble could he be?"

Eraqus flashed a livid look at him. "Terra, I told you that, during training hours, you will not refer to me at that title! You are to call me master or sensei! And you dare to question my orders? Once this matter is taken care of, you will be spending three hours, practicing iai!"

"What?! But I...!"

"Four hours!"

Terra sighed and bowed, "Very well, Sensei."

"Good, now don't take your eyes off that boy!" said the master, escorting one of his students, who was on crutches.

Two others passed by the brown haired guard. One of them said, "The master is really soft on Terra."

"Yeah, he made me practice for twelve hours the last time I crossed him!"

    Terra just grumbled while Aqua pat him on the back. "Hey, it's okay." she said. "I'll practice with you! I'm going to need it to take m mind off everything that's happened..." The both of them looked at the boy. Aqua put her hands on her hips and asked, "Well, how much can you move now?"

Ventus tried to move his arms and could barely lift them off the mattress. "Not much." he said.

"Well, then I guess we'll be waiting a little while."

"Good, I won't have to worry about practice that much yet!" Terra said with a grin. "As for why my dad's so tightly wound about you, there might be something to do with the dark. He always gets like this about it."

Aqua nudged him. "Terra, we don't know if that's the case."

"I know we don't know! But, he's so much of a nyctophobe, that he obsessively removes anything that reminds him of the dark! He even keeps the hallways brightly lit all night and sleeps with the door cracked!"

"Sheesh! And I thought you were the child that was scared of the dark!"

"Hey!" Terra looked furious while his face was turning red.

After a few more moments, Ventus found the strength to pull himself up and sit on the bedside. "So, what if I had anything to do with the dark? What then?"

Terra shrugged. "He'd probably kill you."

The boy's face grew pale and he felt his stomach sink. He didn't know anything that was going on and now these people are telling him he might be killed! Was that going to happen, if he didn't pass this "test"? He could feel a chill in his spine.

Aqua asked, "Well, I see you have enough strength to get up now. Can you move your legs?"

"I-I think I can." Ventus said in a nervous tone.

Terra grabbed one of his arms and helped him up. "Then let's not keep everyone waiting." He pulled Ventus to his feet and helped him along toward the exit. Aqua grabbed the other arm to assist. Ventus could feel his legs were very weak, but he was glad he had help as he slowly began to feel the proper strength to walk again.

    He was brought to the garden in front of the castle. It looked like it was on the top of a large circular column of rock. As he descended the white stairs, he could see the pools and swamps far below the crags that the castle's tower's were chained to. Speaking of the castle, it was very strange to him. From the inside, the large foyer and the doors to the different rooms suggested it was a very large place with numerous rooms. Now that he was out, the building looked a lot smaller; too small to hold even that giant foyer that seemed to extend beyond the building's geometry. Was this some kind of magic?

    Ahead of him, on a circle of white marble that lay on the center of the column of rock below the castle, many people in uniform, the students, were gathered in an incomplete ring. The way into the center was kept clear. Standing opposite from the three that exited was Eraqus. Ventus could see some of the students armed with yumi longbows. As they approached, they drew ya arrows from the quivers on their backs.

    He was brought to the center of the ring as Eraqus stepped forward. Terra and Aqua removed themselves form Ventus' arms and made sure he was stable enough to stand on his own. When it looked like he was alright, they moved into the crowd. The master spoke loud enough for all to hear. His voice echoed between the crags. "Students, I have gathered you here as a measure of force, in the case that I may have caused a grievous error. The boy you see before you, may seem to be an average little boy of nine, but he is in fact possibly dangerous! As Master Xehanort tells me, he is his pupil, a student in the school of speed!" There was a murmur among the students.

"Hey, isn't that the school that makes you run like the wind?"

"A discipline that teaches avoiding and evading? That doesn't seem threatening."

"Don't forget, that's also the discipline that lets you attack before the opponent can think!"

Eraqus raised his hands to silence them and said, "Now, I know we are familiar with what he could be capable of. You can be at ease, knowing that I removed his key chain and is unable to summon his weapon."

"He has a key chain?!"

"He can summon a keyblade? But he's so young!"

    "The age of the wielder does not matter!" Eraqus exclaimed. "All that matters is when the masters believe one is ready to gain such a weapon. However, the boy's worthiness is not what I'm bringing into question. He is here for me to test the content of his heart and soul. Archers!" The ring of armed students readied their bows and aimed at the boy's head. "If he makes any sudden movements toward me, fire at will!" This made Ventus break out into a cold sweat and he stood very still as the master continued. "Now, boy, state your name to the academy!"

"M-my name is Ventus! I don't know why, but that's all I can remember!"

"Nothing else?"

"Well, I've been trying to think further back, but all I get is a slight headache."

    "Alright then, Ventus, we can begin your test. I will present to you a moral dilemma and you must answer honestly to what you believe is the best answer. How you answer will determine if you can be spared." Ventus gulped as the bows' strings pulled back. "You are standing at the top of a cliff. Five people below you are trapped in front of a raging Cera Terror and they can't get out of the way in time before it tramples them to death. Standing directly next to you is a large man. You know that, if you push the man off the cliff, his weight will slow the monster down enough to allow the five to escape. However, you also know that the fall will lead to his certain death. Which do you choose to do?"

    Ventus couldn't help, but hesitate in his answer. What would he say to get them to put down their arrows? Both answers sounded really bad. In this scenario, would he allow the five to die under the feet of a monster or would he murder one life to save others? Moments passed as he thought it over.

"Are you having trouble? My archers' arms are getting tired! They may not hold off their attack for too long!"

    Ventus was too frightened to say anything! His heart pumped in his throat! Would he have to escape? Where would he go, if he did? On top of that, his legs were still struggling to make him stand! He could see the archer to his left twitch her fingers to let loose an arrow.

"I'd throw myself in front of the monster!"

    The whole garden stood in silence, except for the soft whistle of the wind. Eraqus stared at Ventus in surprise and then changed his expression to show his approval. "Archers stand down! He passed the test." The yumi bows were lowered and the boy let himself relax to the point to where he was on his knees. 

"That was the correct answer?" he asked.

"Well, there really was no right or wrong answer." Eraqus said. "The point of the test was to see if you would consider the weight of the choices. A person in the side of the light has trouble deciding when lives are involved. A heart of darkness, would choose to throw the large man in front of the beast without a moment's hesitation." He looked to everyone else in the garden. "Students, Ventus shall live among us as your fellow pupil. Treat him as such." Looking back at the boy, he said, "Ventus, welcome to the Keyblade Academy."

    The silence became a cheer from the crowd as they all closed the gap of the ring to greet the new arrival. Many of the students were telling Ventus how they were glad he wasn't some kind of monster. He felt a strong force land on his shoulder, which came from Terra's hand. He said, "Hey, you did it! I must apologize for my father's paranoia. I still don't know why he thought you were a threat."

"I don't know either." Ventus said.

Aqua moved beside him, saying, "Well, whatever the case, it looks like you're going to be okay!"

Eraqus continued. "As for further news, I have received word that Master Xehanort has left while we tested you."

Terra was surprised to hear this. "Master Xehanort left? But I thought he wanted to stay to see his pupil pass the test."

"It certainly confused me as well, but he said that he had urgent matters to attend to in another world. Kirie tried to convince him otherwise, due his back pain, but he ignored her and left without another word. Sometimes I wonder what matter is so urgent for him to risk his health like that, but I just assume it has something to do with the outbreaks of heartless in the outside world."

"That is true. The heartless population has been increasing at a rapid rate." Aqua said; "But, I still think it's too dangerous for him to be fighting them alone in his condition!"

Eraqus nodded in agreement. "Right, which is why I'm going after him." He turned and walked away. "Terra, Aqua, take Ventus to his dorm while I convince him to return."

    Kirie approached from the crowd as he left. She was wearing a red floral kimono and her brown hair was tied into a bun. Giving the new arrival a warm smile, she said, "But first, perhaps he would like some tea?"

    The four of them gathered under a cherry tree on one of the mountains overlooking the academy. The blossoms were in bloom, showing it was early spring. Kirie poured some green tea in four white bone china cups and passed them around the group. They all sat with their knees on the ground while their heels supported their rears.

"I hope my husband didn't frighten you." she said to Ventus; "He usually has the best intentions."

Ventus took his cup. The green liquid steamed in the cool morning air. "Hey, it's alright. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I really was something to be afraid of before I woke up."

As Terra and Aqua took sips from their cups, the woman asked, "Well, what do you remember from before? You were in quite a horrible state when your teacher brought you to our doors."

"Sorry, my mind is a blank about that. You say I was in pretty bad shape?"

Terra said, "Yeah, Master Eraqus told us all about it! You were attacked by a swarm of heartless and left at the brink of death. Master Xehanort saved you and brought you to us to get you healed."

"Xehanort?" Ventus asked; "Is he that old guy from before?"

Kirie nodded and said, "Yes, he was your teacher in the ways of the keyblade. Don't you remember?"

"Beats me! I already told you I'm drawing blanks in my memory. The only things I can remember is my name and that I have a keyblade. I honestly don't know where I came from, how I got here, or who anybody here is."

    The woman took a sip of her tea and placed it on the ground in front of her. She smiled and said, "Then perhaps we shall go through introductions to make things less confusing for you? My name is Kirie Yamamoto. I am the assistant headmistress of the academy, a teacher of the School of Weaponry, and wife of Eraqus. I believe you already met my son, Terra?"

    Terra put down his cup and switched from a kneeling position to criss-crossing his legs for comfort. "Yeah, we met, though I wish it was in better circumstances." he said; "If you didn't catch it the first time, the name's Terra. It's nice to meet you! What was your name again?" He held out his hand to shake with Ventus.

The boy smiled and gripped it to oblige. "It's Ventus. You can call me 'Ven' for short."

The azure haired girl gracefully shook hands with him as well, saying, "And I am Aqua. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Ven."

    Ven could feel the temperature of his face rise as he saw the girl's warm smile under the sun while petals dropped from the tree. He was confused about what he was feeling at this moment and decided to distract himself with a quip. "Hey, I just thought of something! Aqua, Terra, Ventus? All we need is a pyro, and we have a complete set!"

At first the three stared at him in awkward silence, but a moment later, Aqua looked like she had an idea and giggled loudly. Terra looked at her and asked, "What, you got what he was talking about?"

She waved him off and said, "It's an alchemy joke. You wouldn't understand."

He had an annoyed expression and said, "Way to remind me on how well I did in that class..."

"Still feeling down about turning half the class' faces green?"

"Aqua, don't joke about that! It took weeks for the green skin to peel off! Everyone made fun of us and the victims beat me up for it!"

"Aw, Terra, don't be such a stiff! Loosen up a little!"

"Well, I'd like to, but I have to do iai training here soon. Best get started before Dad decides to make me do it the whole night!" he said, finishing his tea before getting up and rushing back to the academy. As he did, his face was full of rage and embarrassment.

Ven saw this and asked, "Is he going to be okay? You really seemed to upset him."

"Oh, don't worry about him." Kirie said; "He's usually very serious and lacks a sense of humor, but he has his moments."

"Yeah, and they're few and far between." Aqua said.

"I'm afraid that can't be helped right now." Kirie gathered the used cups and stood. "Well, Ven, I'm sure you might need some rest after how eventful this morning has been for you. I will take you to your room."

The boy yawned a little and said, "You're right. I'm still a little sleepy."

    And so, after the dishes were handled, Ven followed Kirie through the lengthy halls of the castle to his dorm. She handed him an oddly shaped card with three points on the top. It almost looked like a crown in some way. "That is your room key." she said; "Simply touch your door with it and the magical lock will shut down." She brought him to a door with blue paint on it. "Go ahead! Try it!"

    Ven just looked at the card and touched the door with it. There was a loud click as it slowly opened to reveal the room beyond. It wasn't very big, but had enough space to live comfortably. It had a well kept bed, a full bookshelf, and an office area with a desk and lamp. It was certainly all set for someone to live in it.

    "Please make yourself at home and take as much rest as you need. The dining hall will be serving dinner later in the evening, if you wish to join us. Take care!" Kirie closed the door as Ven entered and looked at his new digs. He lay on the bed and was instantly greeted to the comfort of the mattress. He didn't have any clue of what his life was or where it was going, but he certainly was glad he was being well taken care of.

    Still, something bothered him. Eraqus said he took his keychain away. Why hasn't he returned it, now that he is staying here? He certainly proved that he wouldn't be too dangerous with it. His mind was soon overtaken by his fatigue as he closed his eyes. Maybe this will be a matter to think about tomorrow?

Four years have passed since then.

-The Land of Departure-

    Once the ship made port, Jenna and I disembarked to make our way to this world's academy. It wasn't easy to miss it since it was the only building we could see in the mountains beyond the airport. I took note that the place wasn't very lively. For the most part, it was very dull. The sky was overcast with gray clouds that blocked out what little light there was here. Otherwise, the most brightly lit things here were these white crystals that were hung by the archways and doors all over the place.

    The airport, which was made to be like an open air plaza with marble walls and Corinthian columns, was empty, except for a blue pig-like humanoid, known as a seeq. He was snoring behind the ticket counter with a single crystal over his head that lit his booth. His droopy ears flapped on the sides of his head as he let out a loud snort through his flattened, upturned snout. 

    I hesitantly approached the desk and rang the the rusty bell in front of the swine-like creature. At the first "ding!", he jumped out of his small stool and fell to the floor with a squeal. Slowly, he struggled to get back up on his cloven hooves. He rubbed the tall horn on his head before looking at me. The bared tusks in his sneer confirmed my fears for doing this.

"Who wake up Svin'ya? Svin'ya make you regret it, if it's for nothing!" he bellowed in his heavy accent.

I had to make it quick, so I asked him, "Excuse me, we're sorry to disturb you, but where is everyone?"

The seeq grunted and said, "You did not hear? Everyone left! Well, except for caretakers of old castle and I.", all while using his arm to rub the snot off his disgustingly large nostrils.

"And the students?"

"Students?!" he asked in a bewildered tone. "Ha, you are funny! There haven't been students here for years! At least since old headmaster kicked bucket! Castle has now become museum and library."

"Oh..." I said, in a melancholy tone. "...I'm sorry to hear that. My pupil and I were hoping to meet the headmaster for my research." 

Jenna's ears drooped as she groaned and said, "You mean we came out here for nothing?! Mr. Durai, didn't you get a message from someone telling you about this?"

I nodded to her. "Yes, I did receive a letter from the Mog Net. Someone named Montblanc said to meet him here for a lead to get started. However, he didn't mention anything about the academy being out of commission."

"Did you say Montblanc?" the seeq asked. "You must be talking about new owner of the castle. He's been using that place as base of operations."

"Oh, you know of him? Is he not the headmaster?"

He shook his head as his hears flopped around. "Net, he is not! He is treasure hunter and new caretaker of castle. Claimed it for himself during fall of worlds."

"Is he still here? We would like to meet him."

He snorted and used his hoofed hand to scratch his fat belly. "Well, he didn't ask for passage out of here. So, da, he should still be in castle."

"Splendid! That is all we needed to hear! Thank you very much!"

He waved me off and said, "Da, da, whatever. Just let Svin'ya get rest." And then he leaned back on his stool before closing his beady eyes. I motioned my pupil to follow me as we made our way to the castle.

    It seemed that the longer we walked, the more gloomy this world appeared to be. With the gray overcast becoming darker, everything seemed to be in perpetual dim light. The ground beneath our feet, even on the pathway, kicked up ashes and dust with each step we took. Jenna was practically sneezing the whole way and I had to wipe my beard to get the particles off.

"Professor, this place is more dusty than those old tomes you make me read! Why is it like this?" she coughed.

    "That is a very good question, Jenna!" I said, looking at the silent peaks of the distant mountains. "The thing is that nobody alive knows. The other scholars think it happened at the beginning of the Dark Ages. That was when all the worlds were falling into darkness. This world was a special case, because, instead of disappearing like the other worlds, this place suffered a worse fate. All life almost became extinct here and was sucked into the void. The inhabitants disappeared without any trace. The only things left is the ashes of the previous plant life and the castle we're heading to."

She looked ahead and pointed her large ears toward the large structure that towered between the peaks. "And, about that castle, I keep hearing you refer to it as the 'Eraqus Memorial Academy'. What was so special about it and who was this Eraqus they refer to?"

"You're filled with a lot of questions all of a sudden." I said with a smirk. "Didn't we talk about this before the start of the trip?"

Her ears bent back as she looked at me wide-eyed. I'm pretty sure she just realized that she didn't pay attention to the briefing. She looked to her left and said, "Uh... Yes, I just... didn't take any notes on the subject."

"Shall I refresh your memory? It's a bit of a long story, so I'll give the highlights."

She looked at the road ahead and said, "Well, we have a long walk ahead of us anyway. So, why not?"

"Very well." I said as I began a review session with her.

    Eraqus Yamamoto was born on a distant world that was ruled by a tyrannical shogunate. His mother died while giving childbirth, so the only family he had left was his father. By the time he grew up to be ten years old, he was enlisted as a samurai and taught in the ways of the sword. As a member of a higher ranked samurai family, he was one of the shoguns personal retainers, along with his father in the palace. However, his service would not last too long.

    With the reveal of the existence of other worlds by an unknown source, the shogun became consumed by a desire to expand his empire across the stars. He even learned to use a special ability to create doors into these other worlds and send his troops to conquer whatever they found. Naturally, they were faced with much opposition as certain worlds were ruled by powerful empires, monarchies, and beasts. This did not deter the shogun as he kept sending more of his men and women into battle. This was known by the outsiders as the "Great Samurai March". 

    The invasion ended as quickly as it began when the "Dandelions" made a surprise assault against the shogun. They were an army of keyblade weilders, descended from the last of the warriors that survived the Keyblade War. Using the lanes between, they bypassed the armies that protected their power hungry master. The battle raged for hours as the forces fell back to protect their master. Katana and keyblades clashed, gunfire and lightning cracked, cold blizzards blew through the forces, and the land was crimson with an inferno and blood. 

    In the end, only two samurai were left in the battlefield after the shogun lost his focus and the portals to the rest of his troops were closed off. They were Eraqus and his father. The both of them stood between the shogun and the remaining Dandelions. They keyblade wielders gave them a choice, stand down, or face the sting of death. And then the shogun revealed his true form before they made their decision.

    It turned out that, as the war raged, the shogun's desire grew to a point to where he was corrupted into a creature most vile, an extension of the Dark World's will that consumes all that it sees, a heartless. The beast disguised itself as its former self to try to extend its reach to other worlds and destroy them, much worse than the shogun's original plan to rule them. The beast saw no more use for its two retainers and took Eraqus' father first to eat his heart for a power boost against the Dandelions. The boy watched as his father's light was ripped from his chest and thrown into the monster's maw, causing him to react by having his katana face it. He charged forward and beheaded it while it was distracted.

    It was only moments when the creature and his father disappeared before he realized what had happened. His only family was gone and he no longer had a lord to serve. He was now left with another choice as a rule from his world, either kill himself to keep his honor or go on living as a ronin. Before he shoved the blade into his own belly, he was halted by the Dandelions, who asked him to join them. With a bit of hesitation, he took their offer.

    He was brought to the Land of Departure, the meeting place where Dandelions recruit new members from all over the other worlds.  There, he learned the ways of the keyblade and became a master to teach the techniques his father and the previous masters taught him. He became the last of the teachers of the weapon's use and the castle became named after him when he died.

"So, does that clear things up for you?" I asked my pupil.

Jenna just nodded and said, "I think so... Still, that is quite the story. Is that war also the reason why samurai exist in Ivalice?"

    "Yes, when the invading samurai warriors lost their escape route back to their home world, they were immediately captured and interrogated. When they revealed the information we needed and we confiscated their belongings, the former samurai were offered a choice for their sentence, either be executed as war criminals, or serve our forces instead. The majority of them took the latter."

    We eventually arrived at the castle. The architecture of the bronze structure was certainly alien to me. It certainly appeared to be built with no rhyme or reason in mind. Rooftops and towers were jumbled all around it like it was haphazardly made by different teams with different blueprints working at the same time. Some of the rooms also seemed to be made perpendicular to the main tower in the center while placed on it, assuming the structures had rooms in them. 

I ascended the front steps and knocked on the tarnished bronze door that towered over us. A loud echo could be heard with each impact from within. We waited a few moments before it seemed there was no answer. I knocked again.

"Maybe Montblanc is not in there after all?" Jenna asked.

I looked up at the windows, hoping to find any sign of movement. I doubted it since it sounded like there was only one person here. "You may be right." I said. And then the door opened with the screech of metal.

I looked through the passage inside and saw nothing but a brightly lit foyer that was carved from what looked like pure white marble. That was when I heard a small voice said, "Down here."

    By instinct, I looked down to see a small, mammalian creature that looked like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. He had a tuft of blond fur on his head with an antenna sprouting from the crown that had an orange pompom on the end. There were even two small bat-like wings on his back. He wore a green shirt, beige pants, and a fancy pair of green leather shoes. The creature standing before me was of the moogle race.

He looked at me, expecting something and asked, "Well, what do you want?"

I answered with, "Sorry, sir, is Montblanc present in the castle?"

"You're looking at him."

"Really?!" I said, surprised and slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, I didn't know I would be meeting with a moogle."

"Why? You got my message from the Mog Net right? You're Arazlam the scholar?"

"Yes, yes I am." I was still bewildered. 

He crossed his little arms and motioned us inside. "Walk this way." The pompom bounced around as he walked ahead of us. Jenna and I just looked at each other and shrugged before following him.

    The doors shut behind us while we took a better look at the foyer. Everything looked like it was made of marble. The Corinthian columns, the floral statues, the coat of arms that resembled winged roses, all were pure white. The only things that stood out was the ceiling, which was painted blue with white geometric patterns, and the silver doors at the other end of the room.

The moogle looked back and caught us staring at everything while we stopped in our tracks. "Come on." he said. "If you're worried about the dangers here, it's fine. The magic wore off a long time ago!"

We were taking out of our state of wonder as soon as he said that. "Danger? What danger?" I asked.

"It's nothing just a reason for this place to be nicknamed, Castle Oblivion. Something that makes people go insane. It's ancient history now!"

    I didn't know if he was telling the truth, but I didn't come all this way to turn back just because I didn't trust a moogle. He walked up to the silver doors and reached into his pocket. He held up what appeared to be a small blue card with a picture of a book on it. "Well, maybe not all the magic." he said as he raised it in the air.

    The doors flashed brightly as they slowly opened. A blinding light was shining through the cracks. Jenna and I raised our hands to protect our eyes before it dimmed. We lowered them to see a massive library beyond the doorway. Montblanc stepped inside and said, "Well, this is why I told you to come here! This is the academy library, containing all the knowledge that the Dandelions possessed. But, I'm sure you are looking for something more specific than class notes and sword fighting techniques."

    He walked over to a table at the center of the library, where three black leather chairs were set around it. Sitting on it where four leather bound books of different colors: white, brown, blue, and gray. Montblanc pointed at them and said, "These journals were written by the last individuals to witness the calamity that happened on this world many years ago. They might get you started on who was forgotten."

Jenna's left ear twitched and she raised and eyebrow. She was apparently suspicious. "So, how did you know this?"

He shrugged and said, "I read it. What, it wasn't obvious?"

"Well, most moogles I know aren't really the scholarly types. You read through all four of those books?"

"Yes, I did." he said, rolling his eyes. "And I'm not like most moogles! You can be surprised how much I read in my daily life with so many records I have to write with my business. As for the books, I won't spoil anything for you on what's in those pages. Instead, I'll make some tea while you get started in reading."

He walked out of the room and closed the doors behind him. I looked at Jenna and said, "A nice little fellow, but we should get to work right away!" I looked down at the four journals. Was it really this easy to begin our research? My mind was racing with excitement to open each one! "Jenna, do you have the ink and parchment ready?"

She pulled out an inkwell, a yellow quill, and a stack of blank sheets while saying, "For the last time, yes!". They were set for me on the table in moments. Without hesitation, I sat and opened the white book first to get started reading and I held the quill to write as many notes as possible. Jenna sat across from me and opened the gray journal to assist in her share of the research. It was a matter of moments before we were both engrossed in the pages.


    Wind and rain pounded against the stained glass windows of the academy. It was late that night, time for all the students to be in their beds before their lessons in the morning. Eraqus, the headmaster of the school, lay in his futon with his wife beside him. The both of them slept to the sounds of pounding raindrops and thunder beyond the wooden walls of their room. Then another sound reached their ears. At first it sounded like the distant roar of three thunder bolts.

"Boom.... boom.... boom..."

Eraqus grumbled and shifted to his right side on the soft cushions that gave him comfort. "Sounds like the storm is getting worse." he mumbled. "I hope it doesn't last into the morning. We would have to move training into the main hall."

His wife, Kirie, squirmed in her left side and groaned. "I'll clear the carpet and thrones out of he way for them."

It wasn't long before they heard it again and it was louder.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The both of them opened their eyes and slowly sat up to look around their dark room. Kirie asked, "I think that's the door, dear."

    Eraqus climbed out of the bed and draped a white yukata over himself as he slid open the doors to the halls. His wife followed suit in her green nightgown. As they stomped across the soft blue carpet through the white and gilded halls, which were a major contrast to the bamboo mat floors and wooden structures of their room, the thunder grew louder and faster as they approached the foyer. This confirmed Kirie's suspicions. It almost seemed to be an instant before they descended the stairs and reached the gold and silver plated doors that shook with the powerful knocks from the outside. Slowly, he slid one of them open and looked out to see a man in an oilskin coat with a hood over his head. What looked like a young boy with blond spiky hair hung limply over his shoulders. The both of them were dripping with rainwater.

The man said in a tired, withered voice, "Eraqus, let us in! The boy needs medical aid!"

"Xehanort?!" Eraqus instantly recognized him and was surprised to see him here. "What happened?"

"I'll tell you when my pupil's wounds are healed!" A small pool of blood was growing at his feet.

"Kuso! Kirie, get a bed ready! I'll get some first aid to stop the bleeding!"

His wife nodded to him and motioned the old man to follow him. "This way! The infirmary is over here!" Xehanort grunted from the pain in his muscles and back as he followed her.

    Among the students that were sleeping softly with their casts and bandages from accidents while training, they had the wounded youth brought to the bed further back by the storage closet. Xehanort lay him on the mattress as the blood from the boy's body instantly stained the white sheets. His torso was left shirtless and the chest area was covered in deep gashes that were still leaking a stream of crimson.

Eraqus came in with bottles and bandages at the ready as he looked him over. He tried to keep his voice down to not wake the other patients. "Good gods!" he whispered. "Claw marks! Heartless?"

    Xehanort cracked his back and stretched his shoulders before saying in a sad tone, "Yes, it happened when we were investigating sudden disappearances that have occurred at an archipelago in the broken ocean." Kirie, concerned with the old man's well being, offered him a seat. "Thank you, dear friend. These old bones can't carry people like they used to." He sat on the chair next to the bed and removed his hood.

    Xehanort was at an advanced age, within his late seventies. All the hair on his scalp was gone, leaving him completely bald. A small gray goatee on his chin made it to where he at least has some hair to speak of for the rest of his head. His skin was also a darker tan than the rest of the individuals within the room. 

He sighed as he leaned back against the cushions behind him as he continued his tale. "Anyway, we were ambushed by a new breed of heartless that were more powerful than the usual shadows."

"Yes, Sid mentioned the possibility something like that before he left to assist you." Suddenly, he realized something and then looked around. "Wait, where is Sid? What happened to him?"

Xehanort turned his yellow eyes to the stone floor in sorrow and said, "I lost sight of him when the swarm attacked. I was only able to save my pupil and myself by creating a distraction to escape. I'm afraid Master Yen Sid didn't make it."

Eraqus tried to keep his expression from changing from that of a stonewalled emotion, but his pain was apparent. Kirie's eyes welled up with tears from hearing this as she asked, "So, we are the only Dandelions left?"

"I'm afraid so..." Xehanort said in a solemn tone. 

    Kirie didn't say anything. She just looked away and silently sobbed. Yen Sid was a very close friend to both her and Eraqus and they have known each other since their youth as students in the academy. Eraqus retuned his focus to the boy and poured a series of potions and disinfectants on the deep scratches before dressing the wound in bandages.


    It is an important fact to know that our world is made more dangerous by a massive variety of monsters. Whether it would be the maliciously grinning bombs, the acidic flans, or the stomping behemoths, there is always a manner of beast somewhere to make our lives a living Hell. However, one of the most vile and horrid creatures of our world is the "Heartless".

    At the core of every living thing that holds us together is a small light that we call a "heart". This is nothing like the organic heart which pumps blood through our bodies. It got its name from residing within the mediastinum, the body cavity that also contains the actual heart. It's true function is debated, but it seems to provide our body with a stable form and to help keep the two bands of our soul into one entity. But, what happens when we lose it?

    Certain individuals who have darker desires may find their heart devoured by the darkness and they transform to reflect that. The new monstrous form they take is known as a heartless or one who is without a heart. These creatures are born from the dark band of the soul and work off of the slightest impulses and the most primal desires. They may come in all shapes and sizes with their own powers, but there is one thing they all share in common, the need to consume the light. As a result, these monsters attack the nearest living things, which contain hearts.  

    Once a heartless has chosen a target, it will use every means necessary to remove the heart from the victim's body. To say their methods are brutal is an understatement. These creatures show no mercy and it guaranteed to be a most horrible experience to the one they feast upon. To make matters worse, when a living being's heart is consumed by these dark beings, they too will become a heartless.


    Once the boy's wounds were treated, Eraqus examined him to see if he was stabilized. It made him feel bad to see someone so young to be attacked like this. He wasn't even a teenager yet. He lay on the bed, seemingly limp and lifeless. He peeled open one of the boys eyes and saw his fears confirmed. The blue iris was blank. There was no pupil.

"I'm afraid he's too far gone." he said. "Though his body didn't vanish, it appears the heartless devoured a huge fraction of his heart. With how long its been, it appears that he's going to die soon."

Xehanort's eyes widened as he stood from he chair and said, "What?! You mean to tell me that the one I was able to save is already dying? Surely, there must be something you can do!"

Eraqus shook his head. "I'm sorry, but there really is nothing-"

"I know you have the ability to fill in the voids of hearts!"

Eraqus was taken aback by Xehanort's exclamation. "How did you....?"

"I overheard you talking with our previous master. Please, you must save my pupil!"

Eraqus has an expression of fear and rage. "No, I can't! It's forbidden! Do you know what can happen if I do this? The boy will never be the same as he was. He will be as a completely different person! Let us also not forget that we don't know which half of his heart is intact! For all we know, he might awaken as a psychopath!"

He felt the gentle hand of his wife on his arm. Her teal pools that were flooded with tears stared into his eyes. "Eraqus, just do it." she pleaded. "We already lost someone today. I can't bear to see another die like this!"

Eraqus put his hands over her shoulders and gripped tightly. He said, "Kirie, you're letting the loss of a family friend cloud your judgement in this! Doing this will not save the boy or anybody!"

"But he's only a child! You're just going to let him perish?"

Xehanort said, "Please, save him Eraqus! Ventus is more than a just pupil to me! He is like my own grandson! My old heart can't take seeing me outlive him!"

Eraqus glared at him and said, "Out of the question!"

    The old man's face wrinkled in a deep rage he pulled a keychain with a strips of silver that weaved into an almost floral design with a blue cat's eye staring at them. He swung it like it was a sword before a bright light flashed and it changed shape. Where there was a chain in his hand, there was now a weapon that looked like a black key. It was made of solid cast iron, which gave it its dark color. A pair of bat-like wings connected the pommel to the guard, which looked like a black goat with long horns and a long beard that curled around its head. The blade lacked a fuller and ended with the same gazing eye from before with silver stripes that seemed to have been forged in the darker metal. The point was uneven with two extensions on the edges and one was bigger than the other. This was his keyblade.

"If you will not save him..." Xehanort bellowed. "I will gladly give up my own heart to do it!"

Eraqus' stalwart expression turned to that of horror. "You would risk becoming a heartless to save his life?!"

"Yes..." The old man grinned. "And we both know I have the capabilities of becoming a very powerful one. Which will it be Eraqus? Save his life or watch me become a horrible beast and have my former student hating you, knowing you allowed this to happen?"

Kirie gasped and shouted, "You can't!"

"I will, unless you save him before I do!" Xehanort moved his grip to the blade to face his chest. He looked like he was about to stab himself, when Eraqus shouted, "Stop!" The old man froze and stared at his friend's still glaring eyes. "Very well! You win! I will do it, but I will not be responsible for the consequences!"

    Eraqus reached into the sleeve of his yukata and puled out a black keychain with what looked like a black arrowhead with three pointed ends. He swung it and another keyblade appeared. Just like Xehanort's, it was made of cast iron, but the blade wasn't sharp. In fact, it looked more like a bludgeoning weapon than a sword with a solid cylindrical shape to it. A thin geometric piece by the flat tip completed its key-like appearance. The handle was flanked by a network of cast and polished iron that was fastened together and connected the pommel to the guard.

    He approached he boy, Ventus, and pointed the blade over his heart. Closing his eyes, the master sighed. "Please forgive me, master." A beam of white shot through the boy's chest. Ventus' blue eyes shot open as he cried out in agony. He was so loud, everyone could hear him through the whole castle. The rest of the room, surprisingly not awakened by the argument before, now stirred from their rest to see the event unfold. Their voices echoed through the room.

"What's going on?"

"Are we under attack?"

"Moira, is that you? You already have the kids! What more do you want?"

Eraqus put down his blade and said in an annoyed tone, "Students, it's just another patient! Go back to sleep!"

    The room calmed back down, reducing the noise to a murmur, and eventually silence. However, it would not stay this way for long. A pitter-patter of bare feet echoed from the halls and the door slammed open. A young teenage girl with blue hair ran inside in her white nightgown. A look of fear and concern was on her face.

"Master Eraqus, I heard screaming and there was blood on the floor! What happened?"

Eraqus looked at the girl, he didn't want her there at this moment. "Aqua, return to your dorm at once!" he commanded.

She looked to see the old man. "Master Xehanort? But then...?" She looked the others in the room. "Where's Master Yen Sid?"

Eraqus could see her concern growing.  His words became sharper. "He's not here right now. Return to your dorm! Now!"

"Where is he then? Where is my teacher?" she demanded. He was afraid that she would keep asking, but he kept his mouth shut. And then Kirie placed her hands on Aqua's shoulders and sadly looked her in the eye.

"You might want to sit down for this..." she said.

    I was a matter of moments before Aqua's face was buried in her hands and tears streamed between her fingers. The room descended into air of sadness while the boy slept softly in his bed. He would be the only one to get a good rest that night.


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Well, I'm done waiting for any further requests for now. Time to finish up on the current ones given to me at this point. Here is what I have so far.

  1. Persondynamo222 wants his cyborg character, Drill Rush made into a character sheet for the Pokemon Tabletop games. This may require variant rules for sci-fi gameplay, along with the character being able to use his own moves as a pokemon would.
  2. Karlimaxine has requested me to make a player character pheonix, named Chama, with the ability to polymorph into a human cleric. This may be a challenge as the best means to make this character is from Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 and 3.5 editions with the Savage Species and Monster Manual books. This may become a challenge to decide the total level adjustment for making a non-humanoid creature with spell-like abilities. As for the cleric class, I'm considering making the creature play as an epic-tier cleric. What deity does she worship? It may have to be a sun god.
  3. meowkitty3000 requested her male neko character to have his own character sheet as well. With what I have available, it appears he could use the "D20 Modern" treatment with "Urban Arcana", since he's a demi-human with magical abilities. I will need to make a homebrewed flaw with him on how using magic is bad for his health.
That's just about it. For now, these will be the only requests I'll be taking at this time. Any more will have to wait longer. I will be using Myth-Weavers to make the D&D sheets and keep it simple. Links will be provided to the participants for reference.


As for other projects I have in mind, there are some stories I'm thinking of working with, but I need a collaborator(s) to help me make them. First off is my "Tales of Kara-Tur" project, which is an Asian fantasy anthology that takes place in the "Forgotten Realms" setting. I'm considering about making that into a web comic or a graphic novel, but in order for that to work, I need artists and another writer or editor to keep my work in check and help make the stories as presentable as possible.

Another project I'm thinking of doing is a parody fan-fiction of the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise. Yes, I wanted to try this before with the "Epic of Gilgamesh", but taking a step back, I don't think Gilgamesh and Enkidu should be the focus of the story. So, instead of that, I want to work on something based on an RP I was doing a while back. This one will be "Kingdom Hearts: Bandits". The story in this will not be about a hero, but a kleptomaniac that met a certain greedy duck who revealed to him that there are other worlds out there with treasures he would pay a lot of money for. With the help of a mysterious star-shaped crystal he stole from a museum and the friends he makes along the way, our anti-hero plans to steal from all the worlds and make it rich, but what kind of damage is he willing to create in order to succeed?



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